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Pedofilia video clips

Pedofilia video clips

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Related article: Date: Thu, 4 Apr 2002 15:13:35 -0800 (PST) From: Patrick Young Subject: Clay Chapter 8The following fictional story deals with sex among males. If you are offended by such material, are too young, or reside in an area where it is not allowed, cease reading now and depart. Though not observed in this story, care enough about yourself and humankind always to practice safe sex.The author retains all rights. No reproductions or links to other sites are allowed without the author's consent.Patrick Young CLAY -- Chapter Eight "Anchors" Clay stirred as he felt the hand slithering through his blond chest hair on a mission to capture his nipple, and became fully awake by the electric twinge zapping from a tongue in his ear to his cock. "Mmmm, I like that! C'mere, you!" He slid his arm around the marvelous body, pulling it to him, claiming the hot tongue that sought his. Hands clawed cloth away from skin until they were both naked and afire wallowing on the carpet before the hearth.Urgent fingers strafed the flange of his cockhead, slicking the kids pedo outpouring of lube bubbling from his slit. The other hand guided him into place, and in one movement devoured the hot 8 1/2 inches of crimson passion to his pubes with a gutteral "YESSS!" He surged into the hot cavern lollita pedo as again and again, pummeling the swollen pleasure button meeting his every thrust, demanding retaliation, response, reply. How they writhed together, a luscious tango of lust, pedofilia sex site every twist revered, every pleasure returned! The heat they demanded from each other, the slickness, the sweat, the noises they made! The hot tattoo of flesh slapping against flesh, grinding, devouring, relentless! The crescendo of their rhythm mounted with the tempo of their shared implorings, illegal pedo sex sites finally to explode in a primal litany of rut and passion as they rode the comet of release."I adore you!" rasped hotly into his ear."You take me to the moon, you delicious sexpot," he panted back, between kisses to each swollen nipple."God, Clay, I've never felt you so big! You fill me so completely, make me come in colors! How do you make me feel you in every cell of my body like that?""When you invite me to your bliss, I follow you there always. After all these years, we get to go there as normal, right?""I wondered if you were distracted lately, but I guess you just answered my question, and definitely to the affirmative, you hot hunk of man!""Well, there have been a few things going on lately, like a move, a new life, but I think you know where my undivided attention always returns when I have you in my arms." He thrust strongly again. "Thank God that never changes!""No, that never changes. I love you so!""I love you, Claire. I'm so glad you're home." He gathered her softly to lay upon his chest, still joined as they drifted off to pedo photo illegal sleep.* * * * "Coffee, my love."Claire sat up, took the steaming blue mug, and drank in the beautiful blond man before her. "Thanks. And thank you for the welcome home. sex porno pedofil I adore you."Clay sat on the bed next to her, and stroked her cheek. "I need to tell you something.""We won the Lotto?!?" she laughed."Well, no, but I do feel really rich. I've had an amazing week," he began, "and you may not like all of what happened to me.""You're still here, loving me. That hasn't changed, has it?""Nothing will ever threaten us, the way pedo webcam I feel for you, my darling. But I have to tell you, I've had some very new and cathartic experiences." She waited, so he took a sip of coffee and teen free pedo continued, "I've met three people this week that I never expected, three amazing men who have changed my perspectives on things.""What do you mean, `things'?" Claire asked, her glow fading."Claire, I have had sex with these men."Her eyes flew open in shock. "You bastard!" she spat."I know you think I'm nuts, and probably want to cut my dick off and run to the hospital for tests, but it's not like that. I assure you I haven't put us at risk of our health, and there's certainly no issue with our marriage being solid. But I can't lie to you, and you know that, so I'm telling you it happened.""Go on," she said, worry and kids pedo dread making her voice shaky."I didn't go out looking for pedo sexporn these men, Claire. They each came to me. I've never attracted men before, well, except for once in high school. This is as baffling to me as it is bizarre.""So as soon as I leave town, you just start screwing around?""That's not so, Claire. Just let me get it all out first, okay? The morning you left for New young girl pedo foto York, I took the packing boxes down to the basement, and literally ran into our neighbor on the third floor coming out of the laundry room." Clay laughed nervously, recalling the scene. "He reminded me of that guy pedophile sex pictures I mentioned, my high school football captain, so much I just responded in kind when he pedo beast said he wanted to know me better and started exploring my body. We got into a sudden clinch, and came in each other's hand.""You jerked off with a neighbor in the basement? That's disgusting!" She withdrew slightly, clutching the bedlinens around her."Look, it was so absurd, and it was over so fast, I didn't know that lollita pedo to think. I know that's no excuse. I can't defend myself here. It happened." He stared at her scowl, and continued."Then that night, after I talked with you at the Dakota, I turned in early. Sometime in the night, the lover of the guy we bought the condo from still had his key, and let himself in looking for a surprise `Welcome Home'. He crawled in bed with me instead, and I don't know who was more shocked, but he didn't care that I was not who he expected to find, and he proceeded to blow me."Claire shuddered. "You've had a manÉ in OUR bed?!?" She kicked the covers away from her."Claire, I was asleep! And he was really well-built, and strong, and definitely knew what he wanted to do, so alt sex ru pedo he did it. It was a hell of an ambush!"She jumped out of the bed and stomped to the bathroom. "Get away from me!" she kid non nude pedo snarled, slamming the door."Claire, please don't shut down!" he said, strangely calm. "I have to walk through this again, and I need you with me to do it." He heard a sob, a nose blown, the commode flush. "I'm sorry Claire, but I've got to finish telling you."The door free pedo dark jerked open and Claire marched to the lavatory to wet a washcloth and press it into her face, her shoulders shaking with hentais pedo fury. He reached to caress her arm. She flinched away. "Don't touch meÉ" Her eyes stared daggers tinged with hurt through the mirror. "Just finish your sordid little story," she spat."That morning, Josh, the neighbor in 304, invited me to see his apartment. He had a small meltdown over his deceased lover and free pedo dark needed someone to hold onto, and, wellÉ, it pedo fotos pics ended up with me inside him." Claire retreated to the window and pulled her robe around her tightly, facing away from him."Then pedo 14 yo sex the cable blew out so I went to watch russian pedo blogs the `Skins game at the little bar across the bridge, and met this Irish fellow who got so smashed I had to help him home, only to get jumped on and sodomized." Claire grimaced, her head lowering. "He was a lot drunker than I was, but that's what happened: he fucked me, then passed out cold. I put him in his bed and stumbled home."She let the words sink in, the implications. "Did it hurt?" she asked softly."Yes, it hurt! But I'm all right. I was sore, but no damage. What really shook me was to wake up with a hard-on, wanting to replay the scene differently. I had actually enjoyed all this mansex, and I was immediately scared about being exposed to something communicable. I might not worry so much for myself, but all I could think about was the threat to YOU. I've never felt so stupid, but couldn't undo what was done. So I had to find out who these men really were and if I had had unsafe sex or not.""You went after more?" Claire turned and snapped venomously."Well, I couldn't just act voyeure pedo cp like Pollyanna, now could I? And no, I was not after anything `more'. The guy from the first night had left a card with his name and a number, so I called him to set up a meeting so I could ask him if he were safe, which, by the way, he free pedo rape IS. This compact gymnast muscle-daddy, Corey, is amazing. He totally understands my call and my worries, and we have the most enlightening conversation. Honey, this charismatic little dynamo, he's so compelling, a real mensch, and sex porno pedofil he gets me to tell him my wildest dream, about how I want to make a real difference with my life. He calls what I tell him is this vision I'm bringing to him, and proceeds to claim me into his circle of special friends byÉ making love to me. It was so different than the rape, so gentle, loving, powerful.""He sounds stark raving mad! And so do you! Did he cast some weird spell over you? " she gasped."No, but something shifted then, Claire. I felt this empowerment, this ability within myself. I had this need to make things right with the guy from the bar, to sort out what happened. So the next morning I went back over to his place and he was as conflicted as I about that night. He's clean and healthy, thank God, but he's very wounded. We went back to his bed, and by loving very differently than the first time, I healed him. I claimed him to love, to empowerment, as Corey claimed me. I know this may sounds ridiculous, but I understand being with a man very differently after these experiences.""How nice for you! I babies girls pedo always wondered if you wanted to walk that side of the street," she growled. "Just where do I fit into your harem?""Darling, pedo kiddy 12yo you know how I love you. Didn't I show you how much last night? That was no act. I can't pedo world of teens fake making love to you." He stood closely behind her, drank in the hint of her Aromatics Elixir, which prompted a thudding between pedo xxx movies free his legs.She thought for a moment. "No, you can't. In all our time together, I know you can't free pedophile clips lie to me about that.""You know I have never needed to look for pleasure outside this room. I still don't." He stroked her free pedophile clips cheek, turning her to face him. "I won't deny I feel my sense of manhood, my humanity has been freed. It's like something has been added to me, a new component of myself, a complement to my partnership with you, our marriage. I feel I'm greater than I was before, and I'm going to make my difference, free pedo rape to you and with you, as well as our world." He searched his beloved with his green eyes, his open, honest face pleading for reason. "Do you understand at all?"Claire studied her husband for a pedoland dreams few moments, then spoke softly. "On the one hand, I'm furious at you. But if you're telling pedo litle teen me the truth, and I believe you are, you're being exactly who you are. I can't hate you for that. It's what I love about you, pedo kiddy 12yo that openness of your heart, your intention to be a good person. I know I don't like the idea of you being with other pedofilia naked people, especially men. No, Clay, I don't understand, but obviously this is important to you. God knows we've been to the precipice before and survived." She sipped her cold coffee, and made a face. "You're not going to leave me for one of these guys, are you?""My darling, free pedo kindersex pic I'm not going to leave you, period. You live in my heart. You will until it stops beating. I have no idea I would ever have another encounter with a man, but I'm no longer afraid of it. Listen, for me what happened has no bearing on you and me. There is no threat here to us. My life began to be great when I met you. pedofilia video clips I hope to show you, first and always, that I love you, and I am going to be an even greater person now, and bring pedo dvd porn that first and always to you as well. We made this move to D.C. to do better, to be better. I think maybe meeting these men and knowing them intimately was a step I pedofilia foto had to take to become who I am to be in our new community, better than who I was, or who we were, before we came here. Can you see that?""Well, and I'm not comfortable with you messing around, but I guess I don't have much choice. You're going to do what you want whether I like it or not.""Now you're not playing fair. I have not been, nor do I ever intend to be `messing around'. I'm anchored to you, Claire, now as I ever have been in our marriage. All we have ever asked of each other is to know we were in this together, and for the long haul. Do you believe me?""I pedo sex russion think I'll have to meet this Corey character. I free pedo rape don't know that I trust him, or that you should trust him. But I see in your face that you believe all this is okay. pedofilia sex site It's going to take some getting used to." She stared out the window at the sun pedo porn rising over the city. "I pedo pics xxx need some hot pedo porn coffee, and to think about it." She looked at him hard, then smiled, and reached out her hand. He clutched it to his face and kissed it."I'll get us some more coffee."She was sitting in the rattan chair, watching the street come alive beyond the rooftops. She took the steaming mug, and sighed. "Clay, this shakes me to the core. I thought if you screwed around on me I would feel like we were over. Somehow this is different. I don't know what that means, but it's different, and I'm afraid I'll lose you anyway. And I'm teen free pedo worried for you. I need to know more about this Corey and this circle.""Then you shall. He swore me to honesty with him, and then proved it. That alone is something I've never felt before. He's a solid, good man, and I believe him. I believe free pedo underground pics in myself, more than I think I ever have. I'll call him right now, if you want, and tell pedo boy sex stories him you want to talk to him yourself. He'll make it happen, I'm sure.""Well, you're certainly not hiding anything. And you're certainly not afraid.""No, I'm not afraid of anything except your not being with me every step of the way."Claire took a deep breath. "Okay, then. Call him. That's a start. We'll see what shows up." She took his hand. He knelt before her."Thank you, Claire, for trying this, for walking through it with me. I don't know what's next, either. I DO know I love you," he kissed her softly, and she returned it, "and knowing that, I can do whatever it is."TO BE CONTINUED Thanks to all who have written. I really appreciate your comments, especially from you who are or were married. Sorry for the delay in posting this chapter. The next ones will be coming shortly.Special thanks to the Lion, my muse.Comments and feedback to
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